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The ‘cameraless’ photography of Liz Nielsen

Liz Nielsen is a Brooklyn based photographic artist. Her photographs are printed in the analog color darkroom with handmade negatives and found light sources. Each photograph is unique. I came across her work when visiting Unseen Amsterdam and was impressed by a type of photography I had never seen before.

© Liz Nielsen

Could you tell me more about the works? For instance how did you come up with the idea?

”I started using this process because I enjoy working with light. I used to ask myself what makes a good photograph even better, and my answer would always come back to light. I used to make photographs by shining light directly into the camera or by lighting walls and corners and photographing the light, but eventually I became interested in recording light itself. When I’m in the darkroom, I am counting wavelengths and building harmonies. My photographic images are created without using a camera at all.”

© Liz Nielsen

Could you tell me how you make the photo’s? 

”I build my photographs through layers. I don’t usually disclose my exact techniques, but I can say that I use anything transparent, and I work an image, exposure by exposure. Some of them have one exposure and some have 40 exposures. So, they vary. Sometimes, I even flip on the light in the room very quickly to get a good black. ;)”

What’s next? Any new project coming up?

”My next project is going to be abstract landscapes and includes some new techniques that will look a little more painterly. I’m going to be using some water.”

© Liz Nielsen

We would like to give our viewers a broader perspective behind the photographer that’s why we recently got interested in the music photographers listen to. Would you mind making us a Spotify playlist?

”I like the idea of the playlist. I don’t use spotify but I will list my songs here:”



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